Robert and Cleta Ebanks

    Robert married the love of his life Cleta Hill on Feburary 1st 1956 in George Town. They have three children: Janet Ebanks, Aubrey Ebanks, and Daniel Ebanks.

    Aubrey has 2 daughters Jennifer and Jessica; Aubrey married Brenda in 1992.

    Robert and Cleta rented a house on Walkers Road after getting married, but soon after bought their first house together on North Sound Road. The family lived in the Sound Road home untill they moved into thier current house on Crewe Road November 28th 1975.

    Mummy (Cleta) was the best cook, and even back when times were lean she would make what ever she cooked taste great. I remember steamed, fried, baked and stewed fish. Her pink codfish was the best and when she was younger she would bake bread. Warm just out of the oven bread and butter with hot cocoa was one of my favorites

    Mummy went to be with her Lord and Savior on January 2nd 2015, and we miss her very much.

    Robert and Cleta's family photo album. Click on the image to see a larger view.

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